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Business Planning

Every business should plan ahead to ensure success but daily pressures often conspire to delay the strategic planning process. Financial forecasts are a crucial part of any business plan and usually the backbone of them.

We have worked with a number of UK companies over the years and with our considerable amount of experience as Chartered Accountants we are ideally placed to help the strategic planning of your business. We will make sure your plans are both meaningful and robust.

We can produce profit and cash flow forecasts to set budgets to help your business achieve its aims. We can offer a service that monitors actual results compared to the original budgets, provide variance analysis reports, flex the future budgets and agree new forecasts with you.

This process is designed to be your business’s best friend, a tool by which your business keeps check on its own progress and identifying where improvements might be made.

Financial Performance Review

We can carry out a financial performance review of your business.

This is measured against what you want to achieve from your investment, where you currently are, where you want to be and then developing a plan to help achieve these objectives.

We will look closely at every element of your business, monitor the status of the company and assist the business in resolving on-going issues.

Business Valuation

Valuation in its broadest sense is critical to the commercial success of most businesses. The constituent parts of goodwill and intangible assets nearly always represent the key assets in any business.

Business valuations can provide great value to any company. The valuation will identify weaknesses or strengths in the company. A business valuation may be just the ticket to help you create a company that has premium value to you and to potential buyers.

We can carry out a valuation report on your business detailing the current value and ideas to help you maximise its worth.

This can be conducted annually and it is one of our key functions to help our customers increase the value of their business.

Financial Liaison

Dealing with banks and financial institutions can often be a daunting experience, however it needn’t be. At Plant and Co we have been supporting our clients for many years with sound and helpful advice to make the process easier.